The schedule of court costs and fees for Family and Civil Cases separates the fees in the following categories:  filing a new suit, filing a pleading, issuances of citations, notices and writs, and the service of process. To determine the cost, use the following formula:

Applicable filing fee plus issuance fee plus service fee = Total







      TYPE OF SUIT                                                                         BASE FEE


       All Civil Suits not listed below                                              $350.00

       Tax Suits                                                                                 $350.00

       Expunction                                                                             $350.00 plus $30.00 per agency to be notified

       Occupational License                                                            $350.00

       Severed Cases                                                                        $350.00

       Petition for Non-Disclosure                                                 $350.00

        Foreign Judgment                                                                $350.00

        Verified Petition to Take Deposition (Before Suit)            $350.00

        Condemnation - all others                                                   $350.00

        Expedited Forclosure                                                            $350.00 plus $116.00 per Respondent Issuance per address  

        Writ of Garnishment                                                             $350.00

        Bill of Review                                                                         $350.00

        Incoming Transfer (Not Family)                                        $350.00



         TYPE OF SUIT                                                          BASE FEE


         All Family Law Cases not listed below                             $350.00

         Divorce/Annulment                                                          $350.00

         Adoption                                                                            $350.00 

         Termination                                                                       $350.00 

         Termination and Adoption                                               $350.00 

         Adoption of an Adult                                                        $350.00

         Name Change/Removal of Disabilities                            $350.00

         Protective Order (Family)                                                 $350.00  plus Application Fee $16.00

         UIFSA                                                                                  $350.00

         Writ of Habeas Corpus (Family)                                       $350.00

         Suit Affecting Parent-Child Relationship                        $350.00

         Incoming Family Law Transfer                                          $80.00


                                                                           OTHER FILING FEES:

        Fee to file any of the following in a Civil Case:                                                         $80.00

Counterclaim, Cross-Action, Petition for Intervention, Third Party Petition, Motion Application on Turnovers, Motion for Contempt, Motion to Vacate, Motion to Reinstate, Motion for New Trial


        Fee to file any of the following in a Family Case:                                                        $80.00

         Counterclaim, Cross-Action, Petition for Intervention, Third Party Petition, Motion to Stay Insurance of Writ, Motion for New Trial


        Fee to file any of the following in a Family Law Case:                                                 $15.00

         Motion for Enforcement, Motion to Modify, Motion to Transfer, Motion for License Suspension, Motion to Revoke Stay of License Suspension, Notice of Application for Judicial Writ of Withholding, Motion for Contempt, Application for Writ of Habeas Corpus in existing case.


                                                                           ISSUANCE FEES:

         The following Issuances have an $8.00 Fee:

          Citation, Citation by Publication, Precept, Notice, Temporary Restraining Order, Writ of Execution, Abstract of Judgement, Writ of Garnishment, Write of Sequestration, Writ of Attachment, Subpoena, Order of Sale, Writ of Habeas Corpus (Family Law), Writ of Possession.

           Citation by Posting by the Clerk                                    $108.00

           Citation by Certified Mail                                              $108.00

           Judicial Writ of Withholding Order                             $15.00



                                                                           SERVICE FEES:

Service (or attempted service) in Gray County                       $125.00

Service - Citation by Posting or Publication                            $125.00

Service (or attempted service) any Writ Gray County           $225.00

Temporary Restraining Order                                  $225.00

Service by Secretary of State or Commission of Insurance   $55.00

 (each service [1 original and 2 copies with Petition attached] plus service fee)


Issuances for service outside of Gray County will be returned to the attorney for service.


                                                                         MISCELLANEOUS FEES:


Issue/Order a Writ of Withholding                                      $15.00

Bond Approval Fee                                                                 $5.00

Court Registry - Administrative Expense:

... on funds not earning Interest -                                        5%, not to exceed $50.00

.. on funds earning Interest -                                                10% of Interest accrued

Witness Tender (not to Records Custodian)                       $10.00

Insufficient Check Fee                                                            $25.00

Record Search (per search/name)                                        $5.00

Copies - made by this office                                                 $1.00 per page

Certified Copies                                                                      $1.00 per page Plus $5.00 Certification Fee per Document

Copies printed out by customer on public Computer      $1.00 per page

Non-certified Electronic Documents Emailed    $1.00 up to ten (10) pages, with a $1.00 minimum, plus $0.10 per page over ten pages.    


                                        ATTORNEYS: GRAY COUNTY CIVIL E-FILING BECAME MANDATORY JANUARY 1, 2016

Gray County District Clerk | 806.669.8004 | PO Box 1920 | Pampa, Texas 79066