Role and Responsibilities of the District Clerk


The District Clerk supports the District Courts and is registrar, recorder, and custodian for safekeeping of all court pleadings, records, instruments, and papers that are a part of any cause of action in any Family, Civil, or Criminal District Court. The courts supported by the District Clerk in Gray County include the 223rd Judicial District Court, the 31st Judicial District Court for criminal cases and two Associate Judges for Child Protection Court cases and Child Support Attorney General cases.

The District Clerk's office assists customers with Criminal, Civil and Family matters including receiving and the processing of customer requests, purchasing of copies and filing of documents.

This office has jurisdiction over the summoning of prospective District Court jurors. Juries are drawn at random from an electronic jury wheel compiled by the Office of the Secretary of State, which consists of names of registered voters and/or holders of a Texas driver's license or identification card from this county. The District Clerk also processes jurors on trial day, pays jurors for their service and acts as a liaison between the jurors, courts and employers.

In conjunction with its court duties, the District Clerk's office also accounts for all monies paid as deposits of Civil cases awaiting disposition and all funds awarded to minors in court action that are paid into the Court Registry. This office also provides customer service to all child support cases heard in Gray County.



Gray County District Clerk | 806.669.8004 | PO Box 1920 | Pampa, Texas 79066